Wind River Stone Scapes, Inc is a niche landscaping company that provides high grade, customized solutions to customers and around Lander, Cody, Jackson, Rock Springs and Riverton. With years of experience behind us, we have proved our mettle in this space.

We focus on using top notch materials and new as well as time tested landscaping techniques in installing stunning landscapes that add beauty and value to your property. Here is a glimpse of the different services we offer to customers across the region including in and around Green River, Idaho Falls, Ammon, Rexburg and Preston:

  • Barn Floors and Buck Fencing

    - barn house flooring has to be properly constructed as poorly constructed barn floors can result in problems related to thrush from the trapped moisture. It can also cause problems because of ammonia gases. Buck fencing or deer fencing is a 3D fence – One section of this fence is made up of two, A-framed ‘bucks’; these are spaced at a distance of 12 to 16 ft from each other. Rails are then attached to these standing A-frames to create a strong fence. Read More About Barn Floors & Buck Fencing >>

  • Chain Link Fencing

    - This is an ideal fence to keep your kids and pets in the yard, mark your property line, keep your intrusive neighbors out or keep stray animals off your land. Its durable, does not obstruct the view and can be constructed in various sizes. Read More About Chain Link Fencing >>

  • Custom Stone

    - We provide custom stone countertops, vanity tops, Floors and walls, fireplaces and a number of other features too. These could be made of limestone, granite or marble. Read More About Custom Stone >>

  • Driveways

    - These are very hardworking areas of a property and see a great deal of vehicular and foot traffic. We can install brick, stone or concrete pavers that will be able to withstand the elements and stay looking good for a number of years. Read More About Driveways >>

  • Fireplace and Fire Pits

    - These outdoor features add a distinct charm to your property. They can be made with natural stone or concrete clad with stone veneer or even with brick. Fire pit areas can be paved with different paving stones to create leisure zones on your property. Read More About Fireplaces & Fire Pits >>

  • Patios, Walkways and Flower Planters

    - Patios are very popular outdoor living features and these can be covered with paving stones to increase their longevity. We also construct walkways leading to different parts of the landscaped areas. We also build different types of flower planters with the right drainage system. Read More About Patios, Walkways & Flower Planters >>

  • Permeable Pavers

    - These are an eco-friendly outdoor paving solutions that help replenish groundwater levels. In this the paving stones are set on a later of gravel under which is a layer of compacted sand. Read More About Permeable Pavers >>

  • Water Features

    - We can install water features such as bird bath fountains, pools streams and waterfalls to create the ambience you want on your property. Read More About Water Features >>

For additional information about any of these services, simply call Wind River Stone Scapes, Inc. at our office number- 307-367-4793. You can also drop us a line via this email or this online form.

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