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Permeable Pavers

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement (PICP)

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements (PICP) are built with an open-jointed paver system over an open-graded bedding layer and an open-graded crushed stone base. The base offers infiltration and partial treatment of storm water pollution and, therefore, can be categorized as a structural Best Management Practices (BMP). If the soil infiltration capacity is exceeded or there are particularly high levels of pollutants, the pavement base can be designed to filter, partially treat and slowly release water into a storm sewer or watercourse. When conditions allow, returning rainfall to the soil through infiltration is preferred over retaining the water and slowly releasing it into a sewer or watercourse.

Paving stones are very popular landscaping elements. They are versatile and can be used in almost any outdoor setting. You can choose between stone, brick and concrete pavers and they all are strong and durable too. We have handled a significant number of landscaping projects in which we have installed permeable pavers for our customers across Green River, Idaho Falls, Ammon, Rexburg and Preston.

Today, people are becoming very environmentally conscious and when they get any home improvement or landscaping work done; they look for environment-friendly solutions that will also benefit their landscaping. In this respect permeable pavers are an excellent option. In the recent past, we have handled many paver installation jobs on properties in Lander, Cody, Jackson, Rock Springs and Riverton too. Take a look at what permeable pavers are and how you benefit from opting for them:

Permeable Paving Stones – What Are They?

  • These are made from a mix of sustainable building materials
  • They have a base & a sub-base, both of which allow storm water to seep through into the ground underneath
  • When you use only normal pavers or have concrete outdoor flooring, the water is unable to seep through and it just gets diverted towards the storm water drains which is nothing but a waste of water
  • Contrastingly, this porous paving permits rainwater and the water that you hose onto it, into the ground
  • This helps replenish the levels of groundwater
  • These paving stones also filter the dust and pollutants from the water and there is no contamination of the groundwater
  • Today, these installations are becoming popular on residential and commercial properties

There are also a number of other permeable paving materials in the market today. We can provide you various options and quotes based on your specific requirements and paver installation costs. We use high-grade materials in our work and all our personnel is highly-trained in handling different types of landscaping jobs including permeable pavement installation.

Permeable Paving Stones - The Installation Process

This job requires a certain amount of skill, experience and planning. When you call us, we first come and survey the space where the installation is to take place and we also understand how the layout of the elements is. The smaller walkways and pathways don’t need to be replaced as their surface area isn’t sufficiently large to catch rainwater. This is how the installation takes place:

  • The upper layer is made with paving material like stone, brick or concrete paving stones
  • The layer under it has a gravel bed – the pavers are laid on it
  • The last layer is made of a bed of sand- this just lets the water seep into the ground

If you are interested in knowing more about permeable paving stones or any of our other specialized landscaping services, simply call Wind River Stone Scapes, Inc. at our office number- 307-367-4793. You can also drop us a line via this email or this online form.

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