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Outdoor Living / Kitchens

Harmony Outdoor Living

Harmony Outdoor Living
Belgard and Harmony Outdoor Living introduce the revolutionary concept of pre-built modular hardscape elements. Pick and choose from a wide variety of elements, including things like:

The units you select are then built in a controlled environment and shipped to your home or job site. Your contractor sets the pieces in place within hours, with a minimum of mess. Your dream is realized within days instead of weeks!

Harmony Outdoor Living

Harmony Outdoor Living

Outdoor Kitchens

Entertaining begins with your outdoor kitchen!! Impress your family and friends but more importantly, transform your backyard or patio into the enjoyment area you have always been wishing for! Plus the added value to your home will never diminish. WRSS will create the outdoor kitchen design that works for you & your family!

Outdoor Lighting

Entry lights can be used outside to illuminate and signal the entrance to a property. These lights are installed for safety, security, and decorations,

Harmony Outdoor Living
  • Accent lighting is decorative, intended to highlight pictures, plants, or elements of interior design or landscaping.
  • Heat, beautiful & creative display of down lighting or up lighting can be installed on the outside of your home.
  • Down lighting is most common, with fixtures on or recessed in the ceiling casting light downward. This tends to be the most used method, used in both offices and homes.
  • Up lighting is used to bounce indirect light off the ceiling and back down. It is commonly used in lighting applications that require minimal glare and uniform general luminance levels. Up lighting (indirect) uses a diffuse surface to reflect light in a space and can minimize disabling glare on computer displays and other dark glossy surfaces. It gives a more uniform presentation of the light output in operation
  • Many styles to choose from! Can help you dream.

One of our primary specialties which have been featured throughout architectural and design can or relining an existing specialize in designing and building Outdoor Kitchens, also referred to as Outdoor Rooms, Covered Patio's and Outdoor Covered Living. We are a licensed, bonded General Contractor and can design a custom Outdoor Kitchen to fit your needs. Take a look at some of the projects we have completed on ours.

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