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Retaining Walls in Casper, WY

Retaining Walls, Casper, WY

If your property has sloping land, it provides an excellent opportunity to create some unique outdoor living concepts. However, there are times when these slopes and multi-leveled land becomes more of a hindrance in creating functional landscape design. The best way to circumvent this problem is to get retaining walls built on your property, at strategic locations.

These are specially constructed walls that could be made using concrete block systems, brickwork, or natural stone. These sturdy walls provide support to the landscaping and prevent soil erosion too.

Wind River Stone Scapes, Inc, provides customized retaining wall solutions to clients across Casper, WY, and surrounding regions.

Retaining Wall Blocks

These are typically Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) that are used to construct strong and resilient retaining walls. Since they are made of solid concrete, some people get these clad with either brick or natural stone veneer to improve their appearance. Retaining walls made of concrete wall blocks offer a low-cost option and are one of the most popular materials used in this application today. Many companies manufacture entire retaining wall systems that can be used to build the kind of walls you need.

Concrete Blocks

Many landscapers use concrete blocks in their retaining walls construction projects. These modular blocks have an interlocking design which makes installation quick and easy. It’s still a job for an experienced installer, but since the task is less labor-intensive, walls built using this material are more cost-effective than ones built using natural stone. If you like, you can use stone veneer cladding to add to the aesthetics of the wall.

Building A Retaining Wall

Retaining wall construction requires skill and only seasoned landscapers would be able to do this job well. The walls aren’t just plain dividing walls; they have to be engineered well to ensure they support the landscape properly and prevent soil erosion too. Most retaining walls structures also have some backfill material that helps in drainage and prevents the wall from deterioration. If you are getting a natural stone retaining wall constructed, you should hire the services of a stone mason. They would be able to build dry stacked walls as well as ones with mortar.

Retaining Wall Design

When you are getting retaining walls built, it’s important that the best materials be used in the work. However, it’s equally important that the retaining wall design be planned well. The design will be dependent on the location of the wall and its purpose. Experienced landscape designers make the most of all the available space and add dual functionality to retaining walls, if that’s what their clients want. So, some walls may have in-built seating on one face while others may have planters built into them.

Regardless of the type of retaining wall you choose, whether custom stone or concrete; it’s crucial that you hire expert installers like the Wind River Stone Scapes, Inc, professionals in Casper, WY, for your project. This will ensure you have long-lasting and attractive retaining wall structures on your property.

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